How about the effect of epoxy floor washing machine
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Now many factories use epoxy floor, mainly the floor is very beautiful, can form a mirror effect, in the case of mirror, dust, water stains, particles, oil at a glance, the use of washing machine quickly clean, let you relaxed and happy.

According to the characteristics, the suitable configuration of the floor washer: red or white cleaning pad, different cleaners are selected according to the situation of the ground garbage, neutral cleaners are selected when the dust is the main pollutant on the ground, and strong degreasing agents are selected when there is oil on the ground.

Precautions for cleaning epoxy floor with floor washer:

1. When cleaning, when ensuring good cleaning effect, properly adjust the pressure of the brush to protect the ground.

2. The absorbent tape should be replaced in time to ensure good water absorption effect,

3. When there are metal chips on the ground, it should be cleaned first and then cleaned to protect the ground.

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