How to deal with the fault of the washing car? That's what the manufacturer says
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The car will break down after a long time. How to deal with the failure of the ground washing car? The manufacturer said that. If you have been using the land washing car for several years, you know a lot about the land washing car, you can repair some small problems yourself. But if you are a beginner in the field wash, it is recommended not to take it. First, look at the following instructions from the manufacturer.


Ruijie X10 medium and large driving sweeper

Common trouble of car washing 1: the ground sewage is not clean.

The brush plate of the washing car is severely worn, which causes insufficient pressure.

There are foreign matters in the absorbent rubber strip.

3. the sewage tank is not sealed tightly.

Fourth, the water absorption rubber strip is worn.

Fifth, the motor is faulty.

Common trouble of car washing 2: poor ground cleaning effect.

The brush of brush plate is too short to achieve cleaning effect.

The oil pollution on the ground is heavy, and there is no industrial cleaner and defoamer in the water tank.

Common trouble of car washing 3: sewage is not recycled.

There is garbage on the water absorption pickpocket, and wash it clean.

The adhesive strip is damaged.

3. the cleanliness difference between the two sides of the ground is obvious, and the angle is adjusted improperly.

Washing machine common failure 4: washing machine does not water.

1. the solenoid valve is faulty.

2. the clean water pipe, screen and valve are blocked.

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