Today I am the most beautiful to launch the March 8 women's Day activity
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In March, everything revives. In this day of spring, in order to show the love, respect and understanding of aerui secret service for female employees and enhance the cohesion of female compatriots, the company's trade union organized the "March 8 women's Day" activity.


On the early morning of March 8, the representative of the personnel department of the company, special agent airy, will present a rose and a small gift to all female employees. At the same time, they will send the most sincere holiday wishes to let them feel the warmth and love of the company's trade union organization.


This activity fully demonstrated arete's respect and care for female employees, promoted the understanding and exchange among colleagues, and made everyone feel the joy and happiness brought by the festival, so as to put into the future work with a fuller spirit.

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