What is the reason why driving sweepers is widely used?
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The reason why driving sweeper is widely used is that many enterprises choose to use sweeper for cleaning, so these aspects should be considered when choosing to drive sweeper in this process. 1. Price factor. 2. Find a good brand manufacturer of electric sweeper. 3. See if the electric sweeper is easy to operate!


Ruiqing S12 driving sweeper

For the driving sweeper, there is a roller brush at the bottom of the sweeper, and the garbage sand will be removed into the dustbin as the car moves forward. Therefore, its work efficiency is very high, and it can clean up at the speed of 9800 square meters per hour, which is equivalent to the labor force of 20 people. And its use cost is low. For the electric powered sweeper, it can work for 8 hours on a single charge. Because of the mechanization, the labor cost is greatly reduced. In addition, the driving sweeper is cheap, only one third of the imported equipment.

Why are electric sweepers so popular now?

1. The electric sweeper only needs the power supply as the power, so it is very convenient to charge every time. 2. Electric driving sweeper can clean 7-8 cleaners with high efficiency and speed. 3. Only a simple training of a driver is needed. 4. The electric sweeper does not need a professional driver's license at present. 5. The electric sweeper will be very clean, and the water spray system will not be polluted again. 6. Good image!

As far as the structure of the electric sweeper is concerned, its small body and flexible mobility can be well solved compared with those narrow streets and corners. It can easily remove the small paper peels in the inner corner of the enterprise, and it is a good choice for those complex and meticulous small corners in the building structure of the enterprise.

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