Proactive quality of service ▪ Arete's first stop in Hainan
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From January 11 to 15, 2021, "active service, quality assurance - 2021" ▪ The activity of "quality ten thousand miles trip" of arete was officially launched. A quality wanlihang service team composed of arete electric department, quality department and after-sales service department paid a return visit to customers in Hainan. Through the return visit to customers' use information, inspection of after-sales ability and collection of customers' opinions, the team provided first-hand information for the company's product quality improvement, performance optimization and after-sales service, and analyzed and improved them.


In Hainan, the first stop of arete quality ten thousand mile tour, we went to Haikou City, Dongfang City and Sanya City respectively, and brought professional technical guidance and equipment operation suggestions for customers, and provided maintenance service for all machines of our company on site.



The pace of product innovation will never stop, and the attentive service will never stop. The customers praised the service personnel of the quality ten thousand mile line one after another, affirmed the professionalism of the engineers of the line, and were deeply satisfied with the service of arete. So far, 2021 ▪ The first stop of arete's quality ten thousand miles trip in Hainan successfully completed the task!


In the future, arete will continue to deepen the research and development of special purpose vehicle products, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and help China's new energy special purpose vehicle industry flourish. "Active service, quality assurance - 2021 ▪ We are waiting for you at the next stop!

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