Ruiqing S28 pure electric road sweeper and car wash

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Field of application

Ruiqing S28 pure electric road sweeper car wash is mainly used for general sweeping operation of main road and auxiliary road. It integrates sweeping, high-pressure washing, sewage recycling and other functions. It can quickly sweep leaves, stones, sand dust, white garbage, etc., separate garbage and sewage, and dump.

Product highlights

◆ Body: fully enclosed cab, transparent glass on three sides, front stainless steel bumper, high-quality high-strength metal body, good working sight, safe and beautiful

◆ Battery: 72V / 600ah lithium battery pack

◆ Water pump system: compound excitation brushless DC motor with high pressure water pump imported from Italy, stable performance

◆ Main brush cleaning system: the motor drives the main brush directly, without transmission loss, stable performance and longer operation time

◆ Waste conveying system: brushless motor synchronous chain conveying

◆ Flushing mechanism: the chassis is equipped with a high-pressure flushing and suction rake, which is used to flush all kinds of dirt on the ground and recycle the sewage. It can be connected with an external high-pressure water gun

◆ Dustbin: dry wet separation dustbin, built-in high-pressure cleaning device, high-level hydraulic dump

◆ Seat: cushion and shock absorption seat, with gravity sensing device, strong safety

◆ Steering system: electric power steering system

◆ Tire: front two rear four tire, radial brand vacuum tire, wear resistance, long service life

◆ Temperature control system: air conditioning

technical parameter
ParametersRuiqing S28 pure electric road sweeper and car wash
work efficiency≥22000㎡/h
Main brush width750mm
Brush diameter650*4mm
Squeegee width1700mm
Duration of work≥7h
Maximum driving speed30km/h
Pump pressure0-20Mpa
Tank capacity1100L
Capacity of dustbin1100L(Self dumping)
Capacity of sewage tank400L
Voltage / rated power72/30V/Kw
Turning radius≤8m
Net weight2780kg

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