Ruiqing S27 / S27E pure electric road sweeper

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Field of application

Ruiqing S27 / s27e pure electric road sweeper is mainly used for the cleaning of asphalt roads, urban sidewalks, non motorized lanes, urban squares and other roads. It adopts pure suction mode, which can quickly clean fallen leaves, stones, sand dust, white garbage, etc. with large capacity and high-level self unloading and dumping.

Product highlights

Chassis: it adopts the riveted automobile chassis design of the vertical and horizontal beams of the frame, and adopts the special automobile steel plate, which has high strength, strong bearing capacity, electrophoretic antirust treatment and corrosion resistance;

Body: articulated body, fully enclosed cab, all glass transparent on three sides, high-quality and high-strength metal body, good line of sight, safe and beautiful;

Battery: 72V / 630ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack;

Cleaning system: pure suction type, which adopts the layout form of "bilateral brush + central 625mm suction cup", and is equipped with a detachable hand-held suction pipe with a length of 4m, with high cleaning rate and fast operation speed;

Cleaning system: high pressure water pump imported from Italy, 72V / 3.5kw three-phase asynchronous AC motor, equipped with hand-held spray gun;

Garbage dumping mode: high-level turnover unloading, and the height after turnover is greater than 1350mm;

Cab: equipped with LCD control screen, one key operation mode, reversing image, cooling and heating air conditioner and radio; The soft bag made of advanced simulated leather fabric is beautiful and heat-insulating;

Seat: cushion seat, with gravity sensing device, strong safety.

technical parameter
ParametersRuiqing S27Ruiqing S27E
Maximum efficiency16000m²/h16000m²/h
Duration of operation5h5h
Voltage / drive power72V/5.5kW72V/5.5kW
Fan power5kW5kW
Side brush diameter600mm*2600mm*2
Suction cup width625mm625mm
Continuous working time



Maximum driving speed20km/h20km/h
High pressure water pump pressure15Mpa15Mpa
High pressure water pump flow15-20L/min15-20L/min
Water tank capacity220L220L
Dustbin capacity800L1800L(High level dump)
Maximum inhaled particles>50mm(Garbage density is2g/cm³)>50mm(Garbage density is2g/cm³)
Minimum turning diameter≤5m≤7m


Net weight1900kg2180kg

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