Ruibao Q6 pure electric washing vehicle

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Field of application

Ruibao Q6 pure electric washing vehicle is mainly used for washing and maintaining the pavement of non motorized lanes, motorways, back alleys, municipal gardens, property communities, etc. the lower left and right side washing can be combined with the sweeper, the front high-pressure washing is used to clean the dirt on the pavement, and the rear high-pressure water gun can be used to wash the suitcases, garbage cans, small advertisements, etc.

Product highlights

Chassis: the overall riveted chassis of the vertical and horizontal beams of the frame is made of automobile girder steel, with high strength, strong bearing capacity, electrophoretic antirust treatment and corrosion resistance;

Body: fully enclosed cab, fully transparent glass on three sides, front stainless steel bumper, high-quality high-strength metal body, good line of sight, safe and beautiful;

Battery: provide 72v300ah lithium iron phosphate battery pack with 3-year warranty and free maintenance in the fourth year;

Cab: knob gear, electronic hand brake, emergency stop switch console; Reverse image; It is made of advanced imitation leather fabric, which is beautiful and heat-insulating;

Seat: with gravity sensing device, strong safety.

Product function


technical parameter


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