Ruibao Q9 pure electric high pressure washing

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Field of application

Ruibao Q9 pure electric high-pressure car wash is mainly used for the washing and maintenance of motorway, non motorway, sidewalk, back street lane, municipal garden, property community and other roads. The lower left and right side flush can be combined with the sweeper. The front high-pressure flushing and multi angle flushing device can be used to clean the dirt on the road surface, road teeth and traffic signs. The rear washing cart, washing site and high-pressure water gun can be used to wash the sections where the maintenance vehicles are inconvenient to stop.

Product highlights

◆Body: fully enclosed cab, transparent glass on three sides, front stainless steel bumper, high-quality high-strength metal body, good working sight, safe and beautiful.

◆Battery: 12 * 6V / 200ah maintenance free lead acid batteries and 72V / 450ah lithium battery pack

◆Water pump system: compound excitation brushless DC motor with high pressure water pump imported from Italy, stable performance

◆Flushing device: the left and right side flushing device is set at the bottom, the high-pressure flushing device and multi angle flushing device are set at the front, and the floor washing cart, washing site and high-pressure water gun are set at the back

◆Seat: cushion and shock absorption seat, with gravity sensing device, strong safety

◆Steering system: electric power steering system

◆Tire: four wheel, radial brand vacuum tire, wear resistance, long service life

◆Temperature control system: cold and warm air conditioning (limited to lithium battery version)

Product function


technical parameter
ParametersRuibao Q9 pure electric high pressure car wash
Voltage / rated power72V/12.5Kw
Flushing width≥12m
Pump pressure0-20Mpa
Tank capacity1200L
Maximum driving speed35Km/h
braking distance≤4m
Climbing ability≥30%
Turning radius≤5m
Net weight1980kg(Lead acid)、1700kg(Lithium battery)

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