Rybao Y18 pure electric garbage collector

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Field of application

Ruibao Y18 pure electric garbage truck is mainly used for regular and fixed-point classified delivery, collection and transportation of four types of garbage in streets, commercial areas, property communities, towns, scenic spots, schools and other places. It is pure electric operation, low cost and zero emission.

Product highlights

◆ body: fully enclosed cab, fully transparent glass on three sides, double doors, front stainless steel bumper, high-quality and high-strength metal body, good line of sight, safe and beautiful;

◆ batteries: 12 * 6V / 200ah maintenance free lead-acid batteries and 72V / 250ah lithium batteries are optional;

◆ delivery screen: 1280 mm is equipped at the rear of the vehicle × 1120 mm advertising screen with an area of 1.4m ², Resolution 112 × 224, different words can be played according to customer needs;

◆ hand washing basin: the right side of the vehicle is equipped with a hand washing basin, which can be used to clean and wash hands after dismantling the garbage can and putting garbage;

◆ garbage outlet: 6 240L garbage cans and 2 140L hazardous garbage boxes are equipped with 8 outlets to trigger the inductive opening and closing function. Under normal conditions, it is completely closed to prevent the emission of peculiar smell in the garbage can. The lowest point of the garbage outlet is 1400mm above the ground; 6 240L trash can trays with electric lifting function;

◆ steering system: high power recirculating ball integrated electric power steering system;

◆ temperature control system: cold and warm air conditioner (limited to lithium battery version).

Product function

Functions of Ruibao Y18 pure electric garbage truck

technical parameter
ParametersRuibao Y18 pure electric garbage truck
Voltage / rated power72V/7.5Kw
Number of barrels6 * 240L (garbage cans) + 2 * 140L (harmful garbage boxes)
Rated load1400kg
Maximum driving speed35Km/h
braking distance≤5m
Climbing ability≥20%
Turning radius≤6m
Volume of clear water tank100L
Volume of sewage tank50L
Pump pressure2.8Mpa
Delivery screen area1.4㎡
Net weight1900kg(Lead acid)、1800kg(Lithium battery)
Number of passengers allowed2 people

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