Ruiqing S25 pure electric pure suction sweeper

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Field of application

Ruiqing S25 pure electric pure suction sweeper is mainly used for general sweeping of main roads and auxiliary roads. It adopts pure suction mode, which can quickly clean fallen leaves, stones, sand dust, white garbage, etc. the garbage can has large capacity and high-level dump

Product highlights

◆ chassis: special steel plate for truck, integral riveted chassis design for automobile with longitudinal and transverse beams of frame, high strength and strong bearing capacity

◆ body: fully enclosed cab, fully transparent glass on three sides, front stainless steel bumper, high-quality and high-strength metal body, good line of sight, safe and beautiful

◆ battery: 72V / 450ah lithium battery pack

◆ cleaning system: pure suction, 650mm × 4-side brush, garbage suction dustbin, equipped with a removable hand-held straw with a length of 4m

◆ flushing device: equipped with electric high-pressure flushing system, which can be used to clean garbage cans and vehicles

◆ waste dumping method: high-level turnover unloading, with a height greater than 1350mm

◆ driving type: equipped with LCD operation control screen, reversing image and cooling and heating air conditioner; The soft bag made of advanced simulated leather fabric is beautiful and heat-insulating

◆ seat: cushion seat, with gravity sensing device, strong safety

◆ steering system: electric circulating ball steering system

Product function


technical parameter
ParametersRuiqing S25
Work efficiency≥20000㎡/h
Voltage / drive rating72V/7.5KW
Edge brush diameter650mm*4
Continuous working time≥7h
Maximum travel speed35 km/h
Cleaning pressure7Mpa
Cleaning flow5-7L/min
Water tank capacity360L
Dustbin capacity650(High level dump)L
Maximum inhaled particles>50mm(Garbage density is 2g/cm³)
Turning radius≤5m
Net weight2300kg
Number of passengers allowed in the cab2 people

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