Ruibao Y92/98 pure electric compression garbage truck

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Field of application

ART5120ZYSY92/98BEV Pure electric compression garbage truck is mainly used for the collection and transportation of barreled garbage in urban residential areas, large factories, mines, institutions and colleges. Pure electric operation has low cost and zero emission.

Product highlights

◆ Box: the frame structure of the dustbin is welded by reinforcing beam and steel plate. The box has beautiful appearance, light weight, good stress and no deformation;

◆ Control system: CAN-bus bus control system is adopted to ensure the interlock between operation instructions. Imported components are selected for sensors, with reliable quality;

◆ Receiving system: rear swing arm, tipping bucket (iron) or bucket tipping device can be selected for feeding;

◆ Compression system: with bidirectional compression function, the garbage can be distributed in the compartment with high density and evenly until it is full;

◆ Unloading system: push plate unloading, double acting multi-stage sleeve oil cylinder drive;

◆ Hydraulic system: the rated pressure of the hydraulic system is 16MPa, the discharge door is pulled up by two rods, equipped with two-way balance valve, and the key components of electrical and hydraulic systems are of well-known brands.

Product function


technical parameter
ParametersART5120ZYSY92BEV Pure electric compression garbage truckART5120ZYSY98BEV Pure electric compression garbage truck
Chassis model / brandEQ1120TTEVJ/east windSH1127KEVCWZ/Leap forward
Total mass11900kg12495kg
curb weight8450kg(With feeding device)8050kg(No feeding device)8100kg(No feeding device)8500kg(With feeding device)
Battery brandNingde times (LiFePO4)Ningde times (LiFePO4)
Battery capacity218.55kWh218.55kWh
Maximum speed90km/h90km/h
Maximum climbing gradient30%30%
Minimum turning radius7.65m9.5m
Compression ratio2.52.5
Volume of garbage can8m³8m³
Volume of sewage tank0.18m³0.18m³
Filler hopper volume1.2m³1.2m³
Volume of filler sewage tank0.4m³0.4m³
Feeding cycle time≤25s≤25s
Filling cycle time≤25s≤25s
Discharge cycle time≤45s≤45s
Overall dimension (L × w × h)

8400x2250x2800(Bucket turning mechanism)

8200x2250x2800(Swing arm and Tipper mechanism)

8000x2250x2800(No feeding mechanism)

8450x2250x2800(Bucket turning mechanism)

8250x2250x2800 (Swing arm and Tipper mechanism)

8050x2250x2800 (No feeding mechanism)

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