Ruiqing S7 automatic sweeper

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Field of application

Ruiqing S7 automatic sweeper is suitable for cleaning workshops, warehouses, small outdoor areas and other places. The side brush sweeps the garbage to the middle, and the lower roller brush directly throws the garbage into the dustbin. The built-in dust collection and filtering device can complete the cleaning, collection and dust control at one time. It is suitable for 500-5000 M2 places.

Product highlights

◆ High power main brush motor operation, significant cleaning effect;

◆ The side brush is operated by brushless DC motor;

◆ Standard brand maintenance free gel battery, core motors are well-known brands, stable performance;

◆ Flat filter design, easy disassembly.

Product function


technical parameter
ParametersRuiqing S7
Voltage / rated power24V/650W
Maximum efficiency4200㎡/h
Main brush width510mm
Brush diameter400mm
Duration of work>4h
Capacity of dustbin40L
Net weight of machine106kg

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