Ruijie X5/X5D automatic floor washer

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Field of application

Ruijie X5 / x5d series automatic floor washing machine is suitable for the cleaning of epoxy resin, paint, terrazzo, emery, ceramic tile, marble and other flat ground. The cleaning and drying can be completed at one time. This series has four models to choose from and is suitable for use in places with an area of 500-5000 m2.

Product highlights

◆ The X5 is the auxiliary drive of the disk brush; the x5d is the independent motor drive, equipped with integrated controller, 5-speed cruise;

◆ The whole series of standard brand maintenance free gel battery, water suction fan, disk brush motor, drive motor and other core components are well-known brands, with stable performance;

◆ The whole machine is equipped with water volume adjustment and pressure reducing device;

◆ The arc scraper design can absorb the sewage even when turning, without any water stains;

◆ Small size, flexible turning, easy operation and maintenance;

◆ The whole machine can be equipped with lithium plate.

Product function


technical parameter
ParametersRuijie X5Ruijie X5D
Voltage / rated power24V/1000W24V/1250W
Assistance modeDisc brush assistmotor drive
Maximum efficiency3000㎡/h3200㎡/h
Floor washing width520mm520mm
Wipe width850mm850mm
Clean water / sewage tank capacity50/55 L50/55 L
Duration of operation≥4h≥4h
Net weight of machine120kg130kg

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