Ruijie x12l large driving floor washer

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Field of application

Ruijie x12l large-scale driving floor washer is suitable for cleaning the flat ground of epoxy resin, paint, terrazzo, emery, ceramic tile, marble and other large-scale places. The washing and drying can be completed at one time. The driving operation is easy and efficient. It is suitable for use in 10000-30000 m2 area.

Product highlights

◆ The whole machine is equipped with brand large capacity lithium battery, three-year warranty, 36v300ah, light weight and strong endurance;

◆ Brand front drive system, low energy consumption, durable leather, strong climbing ability;

◆ Brand dual module controller with high stability;

◆ The three disk brush motor can be started up and down with one key, which has higher cleaning efficiency;

◆ The double water absorption system can be started up and down with one key and controlled in reverse sequence, which can effectively protect the water absorption device when reversing;

◆ Slow start device, gravity sensing seat, high vehicle safety;

◆ Core components such as suction fan, disc brush motor and thrust rod motor are well-known brands.

Product function


technical parameter
Voltage / rated power36V/4000W
Maximum efficiency7500㎡/h
Floor washing width390mm*3
Wipe width1600mm
Clean water / sewage tank capacity258/260 L
Duration of operation≥5h
Forward speed0-6 km/h
Net weight of machine860kg

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